Calendar & Locations
  Fall Chinook Winter Steelhead Spring Chinook Summer Steelhead Summer Chinook Shad Rockfish/Lingcod Halibut Albicore
January   x              
February   x              
March   x x            
April     x       x    
May     x     x x x *  
June     x x x x x    
July       x     x   x
August x     x     x   x
September x           x   x
October x x         x    
November x x              
December   x              


* Usually May until quota is met


Keeper Sturgeon: When open
Astoria Sturgeon: Marty fishes in June


Marty fishes many of the local rivers around the NW; including the Columbia, Willamette, Lewis, Cowlitz, Tillamook Bay, Wilson and Trask.

His many years of experience gives Marty the knowledge of the best locations and when to catch what you are looking for.