North West Fish

Fall Chinook:

Fall Chinook are good eating. The meat is the same as the Summer Chinook, as it is still orange. They are popular to fish for because of their size, they are really good table fair and the weather is usually awesome.

Fall Chinook run: 12-45 lbs
Average size caught: 18-20 lbs

Winter Steel Head:

The meat is usually red and are great eating fish because of the cold water temperatures. The meat is really firm and has a really good flavor. Winter Steelhead are very resilient and have lots of stamina, they just don’t quit fighting.

Winter Steelheads run: 3-15 lbs
Average size caught: 6 lbs

Spring Chinook:

or “Springers” are considered by most to be the best eating of the Salmon species. They have a very high fat content to sustain them until they spawn in early fall. As with all Salmon they will stop feeding when they enter fresh water. That extra fat gives them a very rich buttery flavor. The way we fish for them depends on where we are and what part of the season it is.

Spring Chinook run: 8-35 lbs
Average size caught: 12-15 lbs

Summer Steelhead:

They are longer and leaner than Winter Steelhead.They have more of an orange meat and are very eager biters during the summer months. Summer is generally a good time to fish for Steelhead beause the weather is generally warmer, but this is the NW, so come prepared.

Summer Steelhead run: 3-15 lbs
Average size caught: 7-8 lbs

Summer Chinook:

They usually start showing up about June. The meat is not as red as Spring Chinook, but not as orange as the Fall Chinook. The weather is generally better for fishing Summer Chinook than Springers. They bite better and on average are bigger than Springers. Once you hook them, they make several long powerful runs.

Summer Chinook run: 15-40 lbs
Average size caught: 20-25 lbs


They are great eating fish, any way you like them from deep fried to pan fried, grilled, baked, and smoked. The meat is white, dense and firm. Sturgeon fight like crazy and give you a run for your money. It is a real thrill to see them jump when they are hooked.

Keeper Sturgeon measure: 39”- 54” from nose to fork of tail
At the coast Keeper measure: 41”- 54” from nose to fork of tail

Over Size Sturgeon:
These fish definitely test your metal. It’s like trying to reel in a Volkswagen. You cannot keep anything over 54”, as they are the breeding stock. It is not uncommon to hook up to three of these prehistoric giants in a day. Marty’s personal record is 14’ 2”. It took approximately 45 minutes to bring along side of the boat.


These fish are awesome fighters to catch and are used for bait for Crab and over sized Sturgeon.